56 Game Studios

A KW Based Game Studio

The first 56 Game Studios launch: turn-based tactical combat puts you in the fight for survival between humans and androids. An homage to the classics, this is the game set to inspire a movement - on the go saves and cross-play.

Take back control of your play because every siege needs a worthy opponent.

Wishlist now on Steam

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Wishlist System Siege on Steam Now!

on 2018-03-08

We are proud to announce that the System Siege Coming Soon Page is now available on Steam!

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Our Story So Far: Part 2

By Karol on 2017-12-08

It’s been a while since we’ve done an update on what we’re working on, and how we’re doing as a whole. So I figured since we’re nearing in on the end of the year, now would be a good time to talk about it!

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Introducing 56 Weekly Music Playlists!

By Karol on 2017-10-10

At 56, we’re all pretty big music addicts. So much so, that while Matt, Andrew and I were at EA, we started a tradition. Each week, one of us would make a music playlist of 10 songs that would be our ‘soundtrack’ for the week.

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Business Tool Kit: Communication

By Karol on 2017-10-02

Last time I talked about project management and planning tools we’ve tried and our experiences with them, now I want to talk about communication tools.

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