Business Tool Kit: Project Management & Planning

When starting this company, I quickly realized just how involved actually running a business is and how a lot of running a company is not actually making the product. So I figured I would start a series talking about the business tools we use, how we use them and what other alternatives there are. Today’s post will focus on project management and planning tools.

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We officially have an artist!

We are proud to announce we have hired an artist for our game! Lynden will be joining us as our lead artist to bring our vision for System Siege to life.

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Getting started with Visual Studio Code

As of writing this post, the latest version of Unity (5.6.1) comes bundled with Monodevelop version 5.9.6. If you’ve ever worked with Monodevelop for C# development, you’ll understand how painful it can be. So this post will describe an alternative to Monodevelop - Visual Studio Code, and how to set up Unity with it.

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Introducing System Siege

We are super excited to be finally sharing what we have been working tirelessly on for months.

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Update: Our Story So Far

We haven’t really discussed what we’ve been working on since our post on Unity Tools and Libraries, so I thought I’d post an update.

TL;DR We’re hoping to have something playable to show friends and family later next month.

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Book Review: The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

After I decided to co-run a business, I quickly realized I knew very little about actually running a business, let alone a (hopefully) successful tech startup. So I decided to start reading various business/productivity books to help me figure out how to run a company well.

The first book I read was called The Lean Startup by Eric Ries.

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56 Studios Joins the Accelerator Centre

We are pleased to announce that 56 Studios has been accepted into the latest cohort of the Accelerator Centre!

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Cross Platform Games

One of the questions that has been asked a bunch since we announced that we’re making games is: “What do you mean by cross-platform games?”. So I’m going to try and clarify that a bit for everyone. For a game to be truly cross-platform, we believe it has to meet the following criteria: The game must be released on multiple systems Progress is available from any platform People can play with anyone on any system Targetting ALL of the systems!

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Tools and Libraries

For the last 3 weeks or so we’ve been building 3 different game prototypes in Unity, and we’ve found these tools pretty useful along the way.

This is a relatively technical blog post, so it might be boring. We’ll get some less technical posts up soon.

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About 56 Studios

56 Studios is a Super Secret Project from Matt Stevens, Karol Tinsley, and Andrew VanderVeen. We’re three developers that are building a game studio in the Region of Waterloo.

Our focus is on building shared experiences across platforms, where mobile players can participate and compete at the same level as players on their PC or console, with progress maintained across platforms. We want to build games that you can play together, regardless of what platform you’re on, without compromising game mechanics.

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