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Cross Platform Games

By Matt on Nov 16, 2016

One of the questions that has been asked a bunch since we announced that we’re making games is: “What do you mean by cross-platform games?”. So I’m going to try and clarify that a bit for everyone. For a game to be truly cross-platform, we believe it has to meet the following criteria:

  • The game must be released on multiple systems
  • Progress is available from any platform
  • People can play with anyone on any system

Targetting ALL of the systems!

In order for cross-play to have any meaning, we have to target as many systems as possible when releasing games. This means that we’ll probably be targeting at a minimum PC, Xbox, PS4, iOS, and Android.

Pick up where you left off!

One of the things that we believe cross-play implies, is the ability to pick up exactly where you left off, regardless of what platform you’re playing on. For example, if I’m at home playing a game on my PC, and then have to go take the bus somewhere, I should be able to pull out my phone and pick-up right where I stopped playing at home. When I get back home, that progress should still be there on my PC.

Play with friends anywhere!

In this day and age, people should be able to play games with their friends, even if they don’t own the same platforms. If I’m playing on my PC, there is no technical reason I can’t be playing with friends who are playing the game on their phone. This probably will be the toughest challenge to overcome to achieve our goal of cross-platform games, but we are optimistic it can be done!

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