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Introducing 56 Weekly Music Playlists!

By Karol on Oct 10, 2017

At 56, we’re all pretty big music addicts. So much so, that while Matt, Andrew and I were at EA, we started a tradition. Each week, one of us would make a music playlist of 10 songs that would be our ‘soundtrack’ for the week.

The catch to the playlists, was that we had to include a song from an artist in the other two’s last playlists. Meaning we’d be forced to look into artists we would have otherwise not have listened to aside from that one song. I know myself have found a lot of new bands/songs this way. We stopped the playlists when we stopped working at EA, but last month we decided to start making playlists again (but remove the last two artists restriction)! Not only that, we decided to post them for you guys to listen to as well! We figure its a cool way for you to get to know each of us a little more, through our music selections :)

So below are the links to the first 4 playlists we’ve created in Spotify (one for each of us):

Week #1 (September 18) - Karol's Playlist

Week #2 (September 25) - Andrew's Playlist

Week #3 (October 2) - Matt's Playlist

Week #4 (October 10) - Lynden's Playlist

You can download the Spotify app and listen to our playlists for free if you don’t have the service - you might just have to listen to some ads every once in a while. We’ll post each week’s playlist on twitter and facebook on Monday’s, but you can also just search for them in Spotify. The playlists are numbered and contain the first day of the week it’s meant for, so they should be pretty easy to find.

Then in case you’re behind and don’t want to click 10 million weekly playlist links, I’ve created a ‘Master’ playlist with all the songs from every playlist:

56 Master Playlist

I’ll be updating this playlist each week so regardless of what time you join in, it should be up to date! Hope you guys enjoy these playlists as much as we do!

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