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56 Weekly Tunes Update

Jun 12, 2018

We’ve been posting weekly tunes for over half a year now and we have some updates for you!

If you don’t get what we mean by weekly tunes, you can read our post about it from last year (tldr: we post weekly playlists of ~10 tracks for people to listen to while working).

Since we started last September, we’ve been using our personal Spotify accounts to create our playlists. Which wasn’t an issue at first, but now 37 playlists in, it’s become less than ideal. Our accounts are flooded with playlists and there is no nice way to view them all. So to fix that we created a 56 Game Studios Spotify Account!

Click Here to Follow 56 on Spotify

The 56 Game Studios Spotify account contains all our previous playlists and the new link to the Master Playlist. The Master Playlist contains ALL the songs from every playlist, so if you’re just finding out about our playlists and want to get a sense of what they’re like, try giving it a listen!

Otherwise to make sure you stay up to date with our playlists, follow us on Spotify, Twitter or Facebook. We post the link to each week’s playlist first thing every Monday!

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