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Game Development

From Mac to PC

By Karol on Jul 6, 2018

After many years of using Apple computers exclusively, I decided to switch back to using a PC. This post outlines the struggles I went through in trying to set up my PC for game development, and my recommendations for anyone making the switch in the future.


Getting started with Visual Studio Code

By Karol on Jun 26, 2017

As of writing this post, the latest version of Unity (5.6.1) comes bundled with Monodevelop version 5.9.6. If you’ve ever worked with Monodevelop for C# development, you’ll understand how painful it can be. So this post will describe an alternative to Monodevelop - Visual Studio Code, and how to set up Unity with it.


Tools and Libraries

By Andrew on Oct 19, 2016

For the last 3 weeks or so we’ve been building 3 different game prototypes in Unity, and we’ve found these tools pretty useful along the way.

This is a relatively technical blog post, so it might be boring. We’ll get some less technical posts up soon.