Game With Purpose

With a focus on cross-platform play and a history in game development giants, our team is creating a movement, powered by games that are just plain fun to play.

Bring down the borders. End the console wars. Pick up your controller and let's game with purpose.

Andrew VanderVeen

Co-founder & COO
Andrew grew up taking apart everything he could find to figure out how it works, from the family sound system to the TV. So when his dad set up an old DOS computer for him, with barely anything to play (Blockout FTW!), he had to figure out how it worked too. Since then, Andrew's been delving deeper into computers and games. When he's not fiddling with a computer, Andrew's playing Magic the Gathering or GTA Online at home, or he's out with a line in the water or board on the ski hill. Andrew has a Bachelor's in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo and has been working with Matt and Karol since graduating -- first at EA, and now at 56 Game Studios.

Karol Tinsley

Co-founder & CEO
At a very young age Karol showed interest in video games, so much so that her parents gave her an unplugged Sega Genesis controller so she could 'play' Sonic 2 with her brother as Tails. Ever since then she's been obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog, putting countless hours into Sonic Adventure 2 Battle raising Chao and getting almost every emblem before restarting her save file again. When she's not playing Sonic, or Zelda, or Halo, or <insert game here>, she likes to decorate her planner. Yes planner decorating is a thing, and it's awesome. Karol holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo, and before co-founding 56 Game Studios worked at Electronic Arts with Matt and Andrew.

Lynden Joudrey

Lead Artist
Lynden’s interest in art and video games developed simultaneously at a young age. He grew up playing classics such as Command and Conquer: Red Alert, Age of Empires and Heroes of Might and Magic 3. For years, his personal space was constantly cluttered with mounds of paper, paints, brushes and pencils until finally getting a tablet in 2012. Since that time, his desk has remained eerily clean as he now works almost entirely digitality. After receiving a Bachelor’s of Design from OCAD University, Lynden worked various freelance positions before arriving at 56 Game Studios.

Matt Stevens

Co-founder & CTO
As a child, Matt was introduced to video games through his father’s work laptop, where he played such age appropriate games as Duke Nukem, Age of Empires, Starcraft, and Diablo. Then, upon receiving a Nintendo 64 for his 9th Christmas, there was no tearing him away from the TV screen. When he takes a (brief) break from gaming, Matt can usually be found programming, or writing a new DnD campaign for his friends. After earning a Bachelor’s of Computer Science from University of Waterloo, he started working with Andrew and Karol at EA, and after three years, co-founded 56 Game Studios.